Six simple tricks that will make your lips look fuller

Every woman dreams of having full and expressive lips like Angelina Jolie. On the Internet, we can find a lot of life hacks that are supposed to increase the volume of our lips, but not all of them work.

An experienced makeup artist will help us find the best makeup techniques. We selected some simple tricks that are easy to repeat at home and took pictures of the process.

Darken the lip corners

six simple tricks 1

A simple but effective trick for an evening makeup that works best with lipsticks of intense colors.

Use a lipstick, lip gloss, and concealer at the same time

six simple tricks 2

The combination of lipstick, lip gloss, and concealer gives a perfect result.

Use a mixture of shea and cinnamon oils

six simple tricks 3

Cinnamon oil improves blood circulation, making the lips brighter and adding some volume. It’s usually used not in its pure form but in combination with shea oil. You can use this mixture as a mask or as a lip gloss.

Use a lip liner to correct the lip form

six simple tricks 4

You can make any type of lips look fuller. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Highlight the Cupid’s bow

six simple tricks 5

Highlighting our Cupid’s bow helps us to make the upper lip more convex and emphasize the lip contour. When finishing your makeup, you can apply a highlighter to your upper lip if you wish.

Use a white pencil to make your lips fuller

six simple tricks 6

MUA Rimma Zaynetdinova and photographer Roman Zaharchenko for


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