Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Every extra minute we spend on our hair in the morning means one less minute of beauty sleep. If you’re like me and value sleeping-in above anything else, you’ll do anything to simplify your routine and catch those extra Z’s. Well, maybe not anything drastic, but definitely something that’s easy to do.

These incredible tips and tricks will have you looking glamorous in no time and with no extra effort! Here’s nine hairstyling hacks that every woman needs to know:

1. How to use a flat iron to curl your hair

hairstyling hacks 1

via beautiful shoes

Twist your hair around the flat iron and glide through to create perfect, beachy waves.

2. Regularly clean out your hair brushes

hairstyling hacks 2

via leanne marie

Use a small comb to remove any strands of hair left in the bristles. Cleaning out your brushes helps with eliminating product residue and makes for healthier hair.

3. Tame flyaways using hairspray and a toothbrush

hairstyling hacks 3
via Sydne Style

Run the bristles of a toothbrush coated in hairspray through your hair to combat stubborn flyaways.

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