Do You Brush Your Teeth The Wrong Way Without Even Knowing It?

We all know you should brush your teeth twice a day, that’s common knowledge fed to us by our parents, teachers and dentists, but what you may not know is that some of your teeth brushing habits may not be as effective as they should be. You brush your teeth to clean them daily, prevent the build up of plaque and keep your mouth clean, the routine should be as beneficial as possible and not just giving lip service to a morning and evening tradition.

1. Change your toothbrush every six months

Ensure your tooth brush is of good quality and replace it every six months or so.

2. Brush gently

You do need to exert any pressure on your teeth when you brush this can weaken your teeth over time. Use slow but constant motions to remove the dirt and food bits.

3. Brush your gums

While it may be called ‘brushing your teeth’, you should actually brush your whole mouth, including gums and tongue. Oral hygiene is about taking care of your whole mouth so ensure you do not skip these important parts.

4. 2 full minutes every morning and night

Brushing over and over again the teeth will help with removing bacteria and parts of the food that were stuck between the teeth. If you are in a rush you should still take the required two minutes to do this important action.

5. Brush after dinner sure, but also before bed

It is very important to brush your teeth before going to bed, not only because you should have fresh breath in the morning, but because in the night bacteria do the most harm on your teeth than during any other part of the day. If you are used to brushing your teeth after dinner, that’s fine but don’t substitute that brush for the before bed brushing.

6. Clean your tooth brush before using it

If you don’t clean your toothbrush you may be wiping back on your last brushings bacteria. Always clean your toothbrush before you start.

7. Use other oral hygiene products

It is true that toothpaste is the most important product for maintaining good oral hygiene, but  other products, like floss and mouthwash, will remove any bacteria that have been left after brushing.

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