3-Piece Rings That Become Animals When You Wear Them All At Once

Instead of wearing different rings on different fingers, why not wear one ring on all of your digits? No, I’m not talking about a knuckle duster. I’m talking about these cute 3-piece animal rings!

Created by Mary Lou, a Bangkok-based jewelry designer, her quirky rings are made from brass and coated with enamel. She’s since created a bunch of awesome new designs. From a sleepy sloth and a flamboyant flamingo to a cute crane and a cheeky cheetah, there’s something in there for everybody. So forget your boring old rings and take a walk on the wild side instead.

#1 Grey Sloth

3 piece rings 1

#2 Squirrel

3 piece rings 2

#3 Snow Fox

3 piece rings 3

#4 Deer

3 piece rings 4

#5 Persian Cat

3 piece rings 6

#6 Crane

3 piece rings 5

#7 Raccoon

3 piece rings 7

#8 Fox

3 piece rings 8

#9 Owl

3 piece rings 9

#10 Flamingo

3 piece rings

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