21 Pretty Side-Swept Hairstyles

When preparing for your prom or any other party, there is nothing more important to think about than your look. Looking good and feeling amazing are your priorities. Once you have chosen your dress, you can think about your makeup and hairstyles. If you’re adamant on having your hair tied back, we have come up with 21 pretty side swept hairstyles that look amazing.

Side swept hairstyles have been seen on many celebrities that walk the red carpet at movie and music events. They are trending everywhere. Many people tend to opt for this style as they are flattering and can suit any occasion. Don’t go for the boring traditional ballerina bun that many girls do for proms. You want to set the trend and have that “wow” factor. Whether you like the messy look, sleek, chic, elegant or braided hair, take a look at our 21 pretty side-swept hairstyles for prom. Have fun!

1. Braided Hair to the Side

Having your hair to the side is one thing, but teaming it up with a braid is absolutely stunning.

21 pretty side swept hairstyles 1

Instagram / stephanie_danielle

This will look amazing on longer hair. Prom is the perfect time to show off your braiding skills. Take the braid from the side of the top of the head and merge it with another braid. You can have so much fun mixing different types of braids.

2. Curly Hair into a Loose Braid

We love curls.

21 pretty side swept hairstyles 2

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

They create a romantic vibe and this is perfect for prom. Curl your hair and loosely braid it. It will look incredibly elegant and feminine.

3. Big Fishtail Braid

This braid is one of our favourite.

21 pretty side swept hairstyles 3

Instagram / instibraid

The fishtail braid is truly unique. This style works better with longer hair, so the longer your hair, the better. When you are braiding, ensure you side-sweep it to your best side and continue. You can make it either neat or messy, depending on your style. If you are keen to make it messy, you can still process to make it quite tight as you go down the braid but after you have added your band at the end, you can then start to tug the edges of the braid, all the way to the bottom.

4. Messy Braid into a Side Ponytail

Messy braids look so good.

21 pretty side swept hairstyles 4

Instagram / emilyandersonstyling

If you haven’t mastered the fishtail or prefer the standard braid, which we think looks incredible, then go for a messy braid side ponytail. You can add as many braids as you wish but remember to side-sweep.

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