15 Japanese Beauty Secrets

6. AVOID the sun!

15 japanese beauty secrets 6

Rather than using heavy sunscreen, Japanese ladies tend to skip it altogether! Instead they protect their skin by wearing hats (or variants on the above special ‘sun visor’) and staying out of direct sunlight. If they do have to be in the sun, SPF 50+ is a must. Given that exposure to harmful UV rays is the number one cause of premature ageing, can’t say we blame them.

7. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

15 japanese beauty secrets 7

Traditionally, in Japan beauty is simple, natural and edible! The theory is that women shouldn’t put anything on their skin what will poison them if they were to eat it, as skin is porous – so anything we apply ends up in our blood stream, typically within minutes. So, if you’re putting toxic chemicals on your face, remember, it’s going to end up in your body.

8. Lotion mask!

15 japanese beauty secrets 8

In ancient times, Geisha used to dampen a piece of kimono silk with distilled flower water and place it on the face, making an early form of sheet mask. The sheet or “lotion” mask is a trademark of Japanese skincare, and gained worldwide recognition through Japanese skincare expert, Chizu Saeki. Her easy alternative to bought sheet masks involves dampening cotton wool with toner or lotion and placing on the face for 5 – 10 minutes to deliver an instant moisture hit.

9. Go easy on the makeup.

15 japanese beauty secrets 9

When it comes to makeup, for Japanese women less is definitely more. After all, if you focus on great skincare, you shouldn’t need pore-clogging makeup! Instead, they choose their products carefully and don’t cake it on (no matter what you might have seen of Japanese “Gyarus”). Makeup should be an add-on and enhancement to already flawless skin, not the main attraction.

10. Massage away your wrinkles.

15 japanese beauty secrets 10

Another Chizu Saeki secret for youthful-looking skin is application technique. Rather than applying your product in upwards, circular motions, you should gently pat it on, going upwards from the chin, before using Chizu’s various massage techniques. This stimulates blood flow to help cell rejuvenation, helps with lymphatic drainage and most importantly, muscle tone to firm and lessen wrinkles.

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